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NUDEC®Notizie - Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti

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  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti
  • Esperti in lastre di plastica trasparenti

Internationalization Award 2011

It is an award presented to business and commercial excellence, according to the good results, measured by the volume of business, the entrepreneurial growing, the exporting activity, the establishment in the foreign markets, the technological innovation and the commercial career.


NUDEC has been awarded the 38thInternationalization Chamber Prize at the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sabadell, which recognize “the effort of companies which contributes to the improvement of competitiveness of our country bearing in mind its commitment with society, environment and urban setting.”

Just as the business organization from Sabadell has stated, “this public acknowledgment wants to be especially significant this year, due to the current economical situation and adverse conditions in which the business activity is developed. Values such as sacrifice, initiative, work and perseverance have, in this context, more importance than ever.”

The president of the autonomous government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, attended the ceremony, where the 125 anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce in Sabadell was also celebrated. With regard to tradition and work of the chambers of commerce, Mas underlined “the social and economical function that they carry out in the whole Catalonia”. Regarding the prizes, the leader of the Catalan executive remarked the “individual value that they have for companies and awarded people, given that they are the example that if we carry on going this direction, things which seem more difficult can be within everyone’s reach and there are possibilities of developing important projects.”

Since its appearance in 1980, product of the consolidated experience of Arrahona and later NUDESA, NUDEC has strengthened its position in the market, year after year, thanks to the effort of its employees and collaborators. The quality and service that it offers have turned it into one of the main manufacturers of plastic sheets in the European framework. As a company with a clear inclination towards exportation, NUDEC sells the main part of its production, an 80% in 2011, to more than 40 countries. The investment during a lot of years in people and work have made that its presence out of Spain is more important every day.

Entrega Premio Internacionalización 2011

The President of NUDEC, Joaquin Campo, takes the prize from Artur Mas himself, the president of Catalonia and also from the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Sabadell, Antonio Maria Brunet.

Acoustic barriers

Apart from offering an exceptional soundproofing, NUDEC®PMMA sheets, ranging from 15 to 20mm, have an excellent optical quality as well as a high outside stability which makes that its properties remain practically unchanged. One more reason: it is totally recyclable.


The main function of acoustic barriers is to avoid noise transmission from side to side of themselves. Generally, sheets are set out around the pollutant source, avoiding by this way that noise reaches the population center.

Apart from being governed by the sonorous absorption rate of the material, the soundproofing projects takes every day more into account their adjustment in the urban landscape which surrounds them. Therefore, the plastic turns into the ideal material.

During the last years, the urban projects set aside for protecting population from noise pollution have become usual, coming from industrial zones as from transport ways, such as roads, motorways or railways.


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The new line is 100%

After making the necessary technical adjustments and setting up the optimum production parameters, producing smooth optical quality sheets is now a reality.


The new line of extruded transparent plastic sheets is already working at full capacity, so NUDEC can provide its customers with a greater production offer.

After one month setting up the equipment and having surpassed the appropiate test period, both, Production and Quality Departments have their approval for producing optical quality sheets measuring 2,050mm wide and with thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 20mm.

Contact us: due to the instability of the raw material markets, please consult your nearest Area Sales Manager on the availability of products in stock and/or the production lead time.

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Tension analysis

If we analyse a transparent plastic sheet in a tensiometer, we will see a diagram of coloured strips which represents the mechanical tension to which the sheet is subjected.


Many polymers have negligible light ray absorption, a feature which makes research more difficult by using traditional methods. Photoelasticity is an optical technique used to determine the distribution of tension in a transparent plastic sheet. Thanks to the polarised light of the tensiometer or polarimeter we can analyse the remaining tensions and examine the sheet's micro structure. In the analysis it is important to differentiate between the tension applied in the plastic extrusion process and those points of tension that may be critical.

Our guarantees: to certify the quality of our sheets, we submit them to numerous tests. During their manufacturing, they are inspected digitally to endorse the optical quality of the extrusion process. Afterwards, a group of sheets is selected to ensure that their properties fulfill all quality standards (ISO and ASTM).

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